11 April 2016

When love is in the air.

Kekwa cantik tak? 

Hahhahaa. .

Nope,  this one is random feeling of mine. Being alone at home while waiting for mak and ayah made me scrolling ig and fb hundred times than ever.

So I accidentally (yes,  not intentionally) see my friend's pictures. He's having a vacation somewhere over the 🌈. 

And for me to concern on what he's doing is because he was (that was past few semesters ago) flirt on me. Hahahha.  Ikr.  Ridiculous. 

As a good friend, no heart and hard feelings,  i didn't remove him from my friend list. Ala fb je pun.  But I intentionally delete my wechat,  as that's how we get  contact.

I,  really,  befriend with anybody, but if i found u annoying,  i back off. The same when i notice anyone got annoyed with  me. I back off too.  Don't worry,  this fella not selfish one 

Talking about that 'my friend '

I wonder



I didn't

Reject him

What. If

Just what if.

Seriously no heart feeling

Just wondering

Because sometimes ure overthinking of something.

Would I still find him annoying.  Would that is called a 😍.

How people see people, then love them.  I've never know.

For me,  first time, it's a wow look.
Then,  it's a 'i like u'
Then,  maybe it's love. Or maybe an obsession of having bf or gf.
After few moments together,  u find flaws,  and yeaaah. We're over.


Is something u treasure. Hard to find,  yet so so so hard to keep.
Ure the one to preserve the love

To create beautiful moments with  the one u said u loved. .

I love food. I eat food. Food finish.

That's  not love. that's a need. Need.


But love sometimes is a need. Like a plant .The need to be 💧 every single day.  Then they grow.

So how u define love? 

For me.

When u found that they are everything. 

The one you wanted to always look nice and strong.  For them to see,  it's worth it to have u as their love. 

For them to be proud. I like make people proud of me.

Maybe one day u do.

The one that shouldn't be named. 

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