03 April 2016

Vetsport series 2016 -champion for 3 years in a row.

I was reenergised this evening,  having my sweety sleep is awesome.  But with this high temperature, sleeping can also causing stress.

So,  we had our closing ceremony this morning,  my fourth year as a dvm student, typically a loyal member. 
If u scrolled down our pictures,  we had that damn 3 weeks games done and almost all are happening during test week.  😪

We won most of the game,  saying us are having quite numbers of athlete. 

So before track event started we were at second place behind dvm3 with few points,  so in order to bringing back trophy for the third year, we have to conquer track events.

Finally,  when they announced the winner, we won from dvm3 by 10 golds. Hehehe. We had same points in the end. 
I am so proud of my dvm members that are so sooo sooo talented and still got the fitness at their very best. 

Muah ciked

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