14 September 2012

Vet, K17, UPM etc #1

Hi there !

From now on, it is very hard to get internet access during peak hours. Let say, I wish to do something regarding online matters, up to 7 pm... it is only dreaming ! Jangan harap.. 15k using uspot..what do u expect,kan?

So, something new... of course the people whom u never seen before.. and foreign students that the lecturers NEED to speak english in the class..never mind,they are malaysian..could catch'em up..but it is hard,u know to understand the Mauritius and India students..you know..I'd always get misunderstanding with the mauri lady..but..will adapt of course otherwise I'll regret.yelahh..selama ni kau campur dg malaysians je kan?

Classes are okay..act adapting..with no references yet..struggling to catch up the lesson much... Glad to have awesome lecturers and coursemates...

That's all..oh ye.. on my next post, I should write something on my Minggu Putra Perkasa..which I think the best orientation week I ever experienced !


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