28 August 2012

Ages, Marriages and The Things in Between

Post hasil inspirasi wedding Syuhada Jamaluddin & Faezy.
Barakallahu lakuma my friends !

Whenever talking about 'kaweennn' (of course u'll once,twice or maybe many times thinking) , do u feel that u're matured enough to take responsibility to be a wife or a husband? Take a GOOD care of your the other half just like how the parents did !
Ain't easy.
Being a 20 and 30 have a lot of differences.

  • financial
  • critical thinking
  • way of life
  • maturity.
But as saying goes, Don't judge a book by its cover, so,here no judgemental issues. It is just  random thoughts. Nobody knows how responsible a 20-year-old guy will be, compared to an irresponsible 42-year-old corrupt. Eh?
Marriage encourages the people to be exemplary & honest. The way they bring themselves in front of others are just adorable.
As a teen,not yet an adult, I think I don't suit to the status. Still relying that much on my parents. still asking for simple decision, ranting on nothing, laughing out loud..so loud that the residents can hear (-..-)

Stop counting on others as it can spoil everybody. Build trust on yourselves just like what I am trying to do. Tomorrow or the day after,you have to manage EVERYthing for your own. Considering yourself older enough !

The culture in my family and yours is not the same. But mak told me to finish studying before getting married. The cousin of mine married at the age of 25. So, they don't really support early marriages. No assumption !

DEYYYY, I am tooo young to think about it ! Putus wayar kepala yang cucuh ke bumi. But....different people have different thoughts.
Kawan saya dah kahwin.Kawan kepada kawan saya dah BERANAK lagi !

At this age,please, if you want to show up your responsibility, please...finish your study. Get the flying colours results,be responsible enough as a STUDENT. Then, comes hell, managing big matters etc, you are simply admirable in others' perspective. Ahah !
Whatever it is, Jodoh tu kerja Allah...kalau jodoh dah sampai..berkahwinlah anda.Ramaikan umat nabi and teach them to be good. Besar pahala. Allahu....

If the young cannot receive the blessing and assistance of their parents in this regard, then it is their duty to rebel against these pressures. We have discussed, elsewhere, the fact that it is not obligatory for a mature girl to seek the permission of her parents to marry, but merely recommended. A system of culture and overly conservative jurisprudence has combined to place barriers on the young, and the only way to break through this is for the young to, quite simply, rebel, and take the matter of marriage into their own hands. It is the right of every mature and sound-minded person to marry, and marriage is one of the greatest blessings of Islam. If the older generation are not willing to accept this fact, than it is upon the younger generation to break the chains that have been set upon them.-here

-----I am now in 50% progress-----packing things. 

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