23 July 2013

Mybrainsc and what me now..

Yes. I did go for Mybrainsc interview...But I'm not taking Science subject.
I didn't go for that scholarship. Stop asking. TT
I know very little bout Mybrainsc. What I'm sure is...
when we get the offer,where most of the interviewees get, we have to get the offer letter form the university itself. Means, when u applied for Math at NSW uni. Get the offer letter first, then send to Mybrainsc..(term and condition applied,idk)
U be the scholar.
I guess....
Idk. I'm a vet student. Mybrainsc not support vet medicine.
People ask..still until now. What i'm going to answer. sorry for not giving good replies. Sorry for not helping.

Good luck in future gais :)


Anonymous said...

Did you get the offer? Means you rejected it right? Lets say I get the offer but I'm going for the next intake, is it possible?

K E K W A bongsu said...

dear anon,if u happened to read this. Sorry, i cant answer quick. and i dont have answer to that. i think now there many bloggers posted about it and they might give u opinion on this.thanks for reading mine btw :)