19 July 2013


Menariknya kisah dia sampai satu Malaysia tahu.... The thing that should be personal. Exposed.
Idk the difference when we at their shoes and when we be the spectaculars.
We act based on feeling. Most of us.Accidently we judged them. Without knowing why he did that why she do this. (Ashraf muslim case)

But people will judge. Biasalah sikap judgemental memang bukan manusia zaman ini kalau sikit pun takde lintasan hati. Paling tak pun, sikit mesti ada.
Dan sikap judgemental ni jugak yang buat aku macam ni..I scared of peoples impression. Thus, me always do good in front of strangers.
tapis semua attitude. Tapis semua kata. Sopan segala.
Senang. I practice.
But when throw back the scene, it kinda kelakar.
Being someone else in front of someone else is kelakar. In the end bila lama kenal, they found real me. Mulalah kata "Camni rupanya kau"
And I was..... :|
Bukan someone else sangat pun. It is still me. The other side. Mungkin aku boleh jadi macam2 i guess. I can be the one look really baik...I can be the one who kecoh jugak. It depends on situation.

The thing, I don't want people to judge. Better they think me pendiam baik tak kecoh. Rather than they feel annoyed me making lame things.
Sebenarnya, what Im trying to say is about ...inspired by 'lost kitty bunny'
Me also want to try. Be better. In everything.may Allah ease. Sebab in my situation, i work outdoor. And i prefer working outdoor. Unstressfull. May seeing different things each days. Discover uncommon behavior.It pretty cool kan.
Outdoor activities. Mingling with most guys if you work in wildlife. Coz not many rangers are woman. But it is my life. I like it.
Tak payah sampai rangers,kat klinik hari tu pun my friend,who helps a lot is a guy. He is good in handling dogs, dari rottweiler sampai husky.
Kerja dengan guys, yeah you know. Kadang2 rasa mess. Rasa rimas. But he is the only assistant who knows many things selain doctor. Years as him.
I need to wear pants all time...baju kurung doing work? Tak. I do things including dogs. Need to samak everyday.
That is. Pasal samak. My solat kadang2 kucar kacir jugak at that time. Dengan rasa tak selesa nak salin. Feeling rasa semua tempat kotor. So I decided, solat lambat sikit zuhur...terus sambung asar. tapi takes time la.sampai berjam-jam. But the Dr seems tak kisah. So on je la.Sbb rasa kalau asar kat rumah tak sempat 6.30 baru balik. And nak bersihkan diri lagi. It hard you know. Being alone with those things. selalu nya ada kawan.

Pasal outfits,I really depends on Afiqah, my batchmate,my housemate. She is my benchmark. If anyone know who this fella is, you might know, how I set my style everyday.
People do judge. We can't stop. But we know the real. We know better. Allah know best

May Allah bless all of us. May what we are doing now,contribute to akhirat. Brings lots of benefits.

The older you get the more you realize you can't make everyone happy. And it's not necessary for everyone to like you.

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