15 September 2012

Vet, K17, UPM etc #2

Hi there.
The entire orientation week was good. No physical aching. No mental disturbances. No fats eliminated !
Hahaha... So, I come up with the flows of my Minggu Perkasa Putra..tak penat, tak leleh ayaq mata

It was only one night of being scolded by the fasis. And of course I got crazy with that. Yeahh...they only letting us sleep at 3 am. The worst thing,is it?

But afterall.... the MTMs were really cooperative, kind etc etc. Those good words i keep'em as secret. You know,why?  Truth is only a lie... It is like you say that words to please others.

Being a mc manager for the closing ceremony. I handled walkie talkie linked to the important runners, tech bla bla.. first time with that heavy handphone like.. macam nak baling je
But big thanks to the seniors who chose me. Wahh cute dan hensem depa. ^^

Meeting new friends, new cute and handsome seniors -..- beautiful girls who inspire u to be beautiful too.. easy-going persons, friends in need....bla bla bla

A few lists of crushes.. and one who ranked first is the one whom peeps don't really care about. Hahahahaha !
Foreign students. Teaching u on how to communicate effectively. English in the class, which one malay or other word,you'll be penalise ..50 cents per word i guess.

* I don't disclose any names..but I will always remember who you are.. the names,the appearance, the first impression of mine towards u guys... the matters that bonded us together ! Ahah !


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