13 April 2016

Thinking of travelling

Hehehe hai.

Aku jarang travel. Tapi aku suka. The perks of being a cheapskate.

Whenever i've thinking of travelling, it's either I think my money is not enough or I am afraid it will reduce. T..T

I've joined few IVSA events, and as usual I had my 2cents over that program.

It is good. To have bigger circle in your veterinary family, internationally, and u found you are few steps forward than your colleagues in Malaysia.

U got to change knowledge, share experiences, gain new things, know people from all over the world. It has a lot i can say , benefit.
In long term perspective.

Swear, joined few events, now, u'll feel guilty to post anything on fb and ig in malay. as u have international friends and they dont understand malay !

hahaha, but still.

for muslim, i found IVSA events sometimes very very challenging.
Being a typical malay, my classmates don't very keen with this kinda event.
First, money. Yeah, U actually have to pay for fee, and flight tickets. Unless u are being sponsored.
And it is so hard to get a sponsorship,

Second, culture. Being around the world, u are just like tiny miny hoomaannn that lives, religiously. I know, other religions ask the people to be good, doesn't matter, u are a christian, hindu or buddhist or an atheist. Or even if u doesn't have anything to believe, you are supposed to be good.

to be good means, don't drink. Hahahaha. Alcohol theoritically brings more harms and bad than good. It's proved. Kalau tak, takdelah akta yang kalau memandu mabuk boleh kena saman, atau if u involved in an accident and u are drank, u can be jailed.

Yes, IVSA events use alcohol.
Whether it is held in Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia (tell u my muslim classmates usually didn't interested to join-for them it is leceh, and the Malaysian organozers are mostly Chinese)

So, i opt to not joining. It is killing inside. I feel the joyous when joining (i stated the benefits rite. and it is not just that. It has a lot) .

Now when thinking of travelling, I should start menabung.

and !

find a company to travel ! ahaks.

My wishlist is : ICELAND to hunt aurora boraelis. To feel like a Kajol. To have my company as SRK. ngaaaa.


cameron highland

otw back from cameron





Osaka japan
osaka japan 

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