04 December 2014

Vet #4

to gain more knowledge, to experience all things outside. To love animals more than i do now. To be better than what I am now. To learn things from the bigger circle friends. To explore the world. To be on my own foot in everything i do. To think out of the box.
I shall accept the challenges.
I think I'll go for them both. In my journey to become a good vet. 
To make my parents proud of her only daughter.

dan semoga sentiasa dalam rahmat Allah.
dan semoga perjalanan itu dipermudahkan.
dan semoga usaha2 ini ilmu ini adalah menuju jalanMu
Apa yang aku belajar ini memberi manfaat, kepada agama, bangsa, dan komuniti,
with knowledge we serve. 

say hello to Japan and Thailand.
insyaAllah see u guys next year :)

1 comment:

misshomosapien said...

nak ole oleeee nanti aku bagi alamat :3