11 October 2014

are you that important?

Your faculty organizes an event, and you are one of committee members. How do you feel?
I'm so nervous. 2 events coming and I have my life turned upside down even they are not yet started.
I'm so nervous, really. All neurons being impaired. The feeling of afraid of failure.
And everybody now is important for me.
Some being so helping, some are good to be together, some are the one you need to release stress and some that annoyed much will be part of your memorable moments !

As for me, I need you guys. Please appreciate yourselves because I did that. Thanks for time spent and thanks for the contribution. Directly and indirectly.

1) Dogathon TM 2014 members - It's on 12/10
2) Minggu Penghayatan Islam Veterinar 2.0 members - start early November

Upcoming events are so challenging. May Allah bless and may they be parts of my good did.

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