13 December 2014


Just realizing the importance to exercise often and regularly, we did.
I know, I am bit loosing weight since then, I've always think it is due to tiresome activities not to blame my course which is challenging and I admit it is quite extreme if you deal with livestock. u know, big big animals that's worth to be chased of.
so, without knowing that u are actually developed fitness level, i once worked in small ruminant farm that they run so fast plus so heavy if you want to control them. That things lead to my weight loss.
But when you just relax, going to class normally, attend conferences and clinical rounds that somehow boring hmm it depends on the presenter and the cases ho, you naughty ....and go in and out for lab sessions, u feel bleurrrghh..
so unhealthy
so we keep ourselves fit by cycling, playing anything and hiking !
so that's why u see me so inactive dull not-so-athletic or not at all, become so active nowadays. It is naturally be in blood. I just keep it to be used during my college years.
Don't be like 'eh, she plays?' 
I got this one senior, Kak mira azman in my K17. She everytime meeting me will ask, 'Gi mana?' and the answer will be play this play that go there( play). 
and I bet she must be disappointed  for not having me in her school's basketball team :3
Just in case if you guys meet me after long years not, and notice that I am bit thinner, please do think rational.
It is my adaptation in my course and future career.
 Do you think I am able to keep eating in farm filled with dung?
and sleep as we were too tired. No think of meal.
This is us in Broga, practicing for long period standing in surgery room
and more activities to come. hmm maybe bukit taboh? tabuh? somewhere at taman malawati

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