25 August 2016

A Muslim and Dogs

I am now in my practical period at H. Vet. It is one of BP's private vet clinic that I guess a good one.
Before I proceeded to choose the place for my practical, I'd asked few friends and family members on where they usually send their pets to. I heard, it is at Bukit Perdana. When I was told about an unpleasant story about that clinic, and my friend suggested H. Vet, I was scared.

How I can survive in small animal practice? Am I fit to be one?
Small animal practice in my university had give a verryyyyy bad impact for me, and it was untrue haunted stories, and I believe, to be in a right place, small animal practice can be an enjoyable one ! Yeay !

_______Intro_____ hahahaha so long.

I had to attend few clients with lots of problems.
But, as learning processes, I bet that was good... and I feel so cool liao!

And this morning, this one encik come asking me how to deworm cats and best ubat kutu to give to his cat.
He also came in the consultation room where we attended other case, I bet to get to know how we treat cats?
When he brought his cat, I get it for weighing. He asked "Dik, ni penimbang guna sama dengan anjing?"
"Boleh tak lapik dik"
So, I brought out a paper to lapik the weighing machine. My first time facing an owner who is sooo concerning on what should be done to his cats.
As this is small practice, they only provide shared consultation room, weighing machine etc etc. But in UVH we separated it.
When we attended his cat, he asked me "Eh dik pegang anjing jugak ke?"
"Ye, takpe kita boleh untuk tujuan2 tertentu"

How we, muslim attending a dog?
What is the purpose of you attending a dog?
For fun? As they are adorably cute?
For uploading pictures on Instagram, FB?

Adalah harus kita menyentuh anjing bagi tujuan....
Saya ulang....
BAGI TUJUAN.... yang diharuskan syarak.....
Untuk mengubati anjing yang sakit...
Untuk merawat anjing yang perlu rawatan..
Untuk memberi makan anjing yang lapar....
Untuk memberi tempat berteduh kepada mereka...

But don't forget to sertu !

I met this one lady, a Muslim who voluntarily saved some dogs. She brought a dog to vet clinic, whose she said being stray for some time. She named it, Sayang.

Semoga kita sentiasa dilindungi.... baik di dunia dan akhirat.

K lah. I penat. Adios amigos

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