30 June 2016

Masa yang pantas.

Rasanya,  macam baru je terima jemputan kahwin Syue dan Faezy. It was in 2011/2012 I guess.  My first day enrolling UPM.
Banyak cerita aku dengar,  not directly from them,  but I love how strong they having each others back and how they  manage the amanah as a student while being a wife and husband,  mom and dad.  They have it all.  :')
Since raya dah dekat,  I'm planning to visit these 3 people.  My first time ever if Allah's will I would be seeing Syue.  My last time was in 2011 masa amik result SPM.  *tears*
Tapi bila fikir balik, baru 5 tahun. 
Tapi Ayla dah besar.  Dan yang paling memberi impak sebab Syue was one of classmate, duduk sebelah. 
Believe me,  yang paling senyap dalam kelas,  dia akan kahwin dulu.  Syue can be the example hahaha. 
How time flies :')

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