10 March 2016

Test one.

I attached to Glory Veterinary Clinic when doing my practicals during first year.

Mom: Buat klinik mana?
Me: Oh ada je klinik kat Batu Pahat. Can buat here. Got Chinese one or Indian one.

Mom: Really?  Susah la kak nak samak.  Sbb dr pun bukan malay.
Me: Oh. Takpe akak dah belajar samak. 

And the conversation ended with my mom and dad agreed to look for a malay vet clinic. 

Because of the samak issue.

Unfortunately they only found the clinic from Segamat.

They said, the vet is a malay.

I pun reluctantly say yes.  Haha.  Sbb kena stay rumah makcik. Tak  best sangat stay rumah orang kan?
The perks of being a guest is u always serba salah la whenever it comes to eat, watching tv, mandi,  cuci baju. And all.

Tapi the place i attached ni best. The vet is friendly, the staffs are nice. 
The environment is good. (was)
Sebab they made everything buat u felt we were friends for long.

And as a first year student, at that moment, I learnt so so so much 

And so many things i didn't know. But being me,  I always lambat to make friends. So,  I was diam for few days. Then later baru pandai get along.

Today,  after four years, I met my girl crush. That vet la. Haha. I am very easy to have a crush on nice charismatic girls. If u are,  then u are one of them ngehhhh. 

I saw her chatting with her friends, and I only nodded my head, sweetly said hi dr.  Then she was like kenal me. 

She asked "dah grad ke"


That time will come one day.

It is so near.

The challenges are waiting.

I need to get ready. She was giving me a wake up call to make me realize that u are going to be a vet one day. 

Have u go study for test one?


Ok.  Now. 

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