12 March 2016

How u describe yourself?

I found myself a sweet talker. Personally. But I don't throw it onto your face.

A sweet one.

Always come up with warm wishes and good words. 

If you once at least got wishes from me, congratulations. I want you to know that you are lucky!  Hahaha.

Check your inbox if u ever get one.


I sent my warmest wish to ila.  She was my classmate in SMSSI. My part of KR members. The first pkr to become a  wife.

Selamat menempuh alam perkawinan buat those who married today. May your marriage be blessed until Jannah.

To my cousin, Hakim and her wife.
To Farhah Nabilah and his husband.
To Kak Fara and his husband.
To Dr Azrol and kak Sajidah (Dr. Sajidah).

Mabrook alaikum.

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