16 December 2015

Jom le grad sesama

Sometimes people are being so selfish. They don't even think about anyone else.  They ignore if anybody seeking for help. 

Please la. Takan ko nak grad sensorang kot.

Pastu boleh buat speech thank you thank you everyone for making it happen for making things easier for me. Throughout my road to graduation journey i didn't help you guys a lot. I am helping myself so i am not getting distracted with people like you. Rubbish.

Haha. That's your speech would be.

Please la.  Kalau ye pun korang have no idea on what to give me as an answer then cakap la. Aaahh. Sorry peeps i don't know.

Dono la.

Entah i tak tahu

Maybe u boleh tanya orang lain.

At least... Respond la doh.

Jangan la kau ingat aku easygoing aku easygoing all the way easy ma. 

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Anonymous said...

Shoga ad..x kn nk tinggal