27 November 2015

While studying in local uni.

Yes. Indeed most of students applying for overseas university tend to say long list of advantages studying abroad.  While they think what local unis offer is not enough 
Don't lie
I was once thought like that.

But speaking as a local student, I am very grateful that I am now here. Not anywhere else. I might commit suicide throwing tantrum ranting on blog on nothing (even now hikhok) try to flirt to locals there  I might accidently falling in love with the locals get married settle down everything before going back for good


K.  I was just kidding. Gila apa.

But.  The point is......

As a local student you can be home whenever you want

Flip off all the assignment, tests and chances of collecting merits. Pffthhh

Home.  In few hours. Bismillah.

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