20 September 2015

Thailand 2015 in fasting month Bangkok-Sichang Island-Chiang Mai part 1 :)

Hi roses !
I've been in Thailand for 8 days during Ramadhan. It was so challenging yet extreme, as I went there for an exchange program and 95% of them are non-muslim.
Can you imagine my struggle?
Only Allah knows how I hold everything in...

Thailand is a country with has similar climate as Malaysia, but what i can say is I am not feeling like in Malaysia. So hot until 34 degree celcius. I bought sunscreen so paranoid to get tanned and dark on hari raya. Hahaha my reason.

 I started to be scared after I personally sent message to Peam, the exchange officer of IVSA asking her prayer time, am very particular on buka puasa timing and I always checked it on internet but was afraid I got the wrong schedule, so need Peam to get me the schedule from Thailand Islamic Association. Came to me the schedule stated maghrib is 6.50 pm in Bangkok, quite later in Chiang Mai and Koh Sichang.
Peam asked if I can drink in the day, and I answered no, I know she is being worried that she was asking the same question for few times. hahaha.
Peam is on my right. 

All prep was done. That time, Malaysia Ringgit was 3.8++ per dollar. So I got my money in pockets for 8000 baht. Quite a lot as we paid  the fees and the money can be used for only souvenirs or if i wish to buy anything out of the activities.

When you come to the other country, especially in non-islamic region, food might be a big problem. So.

  • bring your own food like roti, biscuits, 3 in 1 drinks, maggi ( i brought 5 kahh!)
  • ask the cook if it is halal or not. Better to ask Malaysian students or a muslim. But you can rely on your friend regardless you told them in details about halal 
  • eat raw vege. (KIV)
  • If you cannot eat, but they insist, politely and wisely tell them. Don't forget to smile while talking,

Half of it was food hehehe 
I touched down Bangkok with the coursemates, first time seeing a striking pink taxi, got in a taxi which I can't even understand what the driver was saying. Kap kap kap. The signboards written in Thai. All of them were not understandable. 
We checked in a room. I don't remember the name it is situated in Chulalongkorn. Got TV. Got fridge some more. Yess. Putting drinks I brought make it cold and ready for buka. :)
What so sad was, the TV has no subtitle. Nak layan drama pun hampeh -__-

At night, we went to Asiatique, a popular night market among the tourists. A boat will bring you there. I don't know the fare. We paid to IVSA and they settled everything for us.
At the Traditional Thai Puppet Theater in Asiatique
Asiatique, Bangkok

The night view in Asiatique is good and be careful when bargaining. You have to know your limit and don't be too pushy. I was so embarrassed if you were already be given good price yet still ask for more. Hahaha. You are like begging not bargaining then. For me, but yeah. Not me.
That's me with Diana, an Indonesian student.
Then we went back to hotel. Sleeping like crazy. My tomorrow will be toughest tell yah. Fasting and walking all day long, was so nervous as this was my first time everrr fasting as a traveller. I think, when you go solo, it is easier, you don't have to see others having meal. BIGGEST STRUGGLE in the world. So tired, walking then people drink in front of you make the ahhh sound, made me so weak. 

The next day, we went to school !!!
In Thailand  college students wear uniform. So we were asked to put on white. I was likeeee, I dont have wehh. But wait, I have this one shirt black and white stripping and yes, it was approved. 
In a class of Chulalongkorn University. We were all whitesss
 Then come the lecturer talking about . We have presentation to be done on animal rights in your country. Malaysians are not practicing animal right, but we practice animal welfare, and tell you, they are huge different. Rights mean, even to eat is not allowed. Sedangkan Allah mention in quran, which means, He create the animals for human to use them. Then come the animal welfare to take care of the animal. We can't harm them, use them appropriately . In sembelih case, we are asked to use very sharp utensil, in one way cutting no back and forth. To make them east to die.

KPop look in a presentation. I laugh myself seeing them quickly bring out camera and snap !

Then we have a visit to the University Hospital. Maybe I was not very very familiar with our proud UVH in UPM, that's why I am so amazed with theirs. I can say Chula Hospital (they make Chulalonkorn, Chula as we called Johor Bahru JB, and Bandar baru Uda BBU) is complete with all the equipment despite so big and quite old. (They just celebrated the 100th year)
This is the lobby. You can ask for the trolley. See the trolley there, macam katil sepital la

Then we have a visit to Snake Farm.
One of them. If u see this, this one is non-venomous. stripe uniformly balck and yellow is venomous.

me. obviously. 
In a restaurant waiting for buka puasa. alhamdulillah. 
 Another day I succeed to fast in Thailand. Next, we went to night market. A superb rare narket.With cheap stuff, we got rambang mata. I bought a pants after seeing another Korean friend bought it mentioning it is ssooooo cheeeaaapp.... who can resist duh?
Guess what is this? Yes. We were waiting for a train.  

So rare even they sell stuff for  pets. omo omo. 

I just loved the concept of most booths. This bar looks like a bus and it is just awesome yet sooo creative. 

Another one .

And this one selling drinks. Eghh. But you think you want after seeing this guy? Haha

And a lot more. i took pictures and all. Come and see me if you want to look at it. Or experience it yourself.

We went to their richly culture places, like temples or wats. Wats here are visitors hot spots where we could see visitors from all over the world. Learnt a bit on their Bhuddha history, and we have rally competition. We should complete the tasks given based on places we visited. We need to take pictures, answering questions UNDER THE HOT SUNNY 34 DEGREE CELCIUS DAY !!!
This would be normal in Thailand. 

p'Girl so cute right? where eyes where? 

See horses and the guard at the back, not us. 

Then, went to a museum, a new so high tech one and we need to know other country's songs. We decided to choose Korean song. They are all kpop kpop fans. I need to blend myself in. Haha. Hate to admit that I can sing Korean song well. The title was "jumping" the one which 'takaji one pap pap pap pap' Blerghhh....
We tried to get ourselves in a magazine there you go ! 

makcik abc siaaamm 

Then my battery dies off. ceittt padahal wanted to take picture of sangkaya and pulut mangga and roti we ate that night. Ceittt ceeiittt.
The sangkaya is actually like our kaya (coconut made) but some called the coconut ice cream as sangkaya. So yummy i tell yah !

We started to pack and went to Koh Sichang, an island i never heard before.

Taking lotsa pictaa. haha. And i teach them one lame hipster style photoshoot. Jumping. I found it is soooo boring when showing peace and love gesture when snapping, so lets jump ! Then everybody when taking picture, jumping -___- even w/o me. Luls.

And we stayed for a night in a very cozy so beautiful nature blends with traditional look resort, Paree Hut Resort. .

And we have dinner so yummy and traditional night ! We actually didn't prepare anyyything, just saying and exclaiming to do what what in facebook. We came out with traditional Sabahan dance, tarian ahhh ahhh i forgot but the one with  buluh. And played the Tinggi Tinggi Gunung Kinabalu song. So unexpected to have such a big applause and they also tried to dance. We feel so successful of our very very  last minutes training.

And my group was announced to win yesterday's rally. Hahahaha. Must be because of our Jumping Jumping  video. ewhhhh. like ewww. I ewwwwwed myself so much.

to be continued to part 2 hikhoksss

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