14 February 2015

sobs #it'stheteststhatmatter

I,ve always been thinking of what's the point in scoring tests. I mean, hey it's only a test, u gonna make it in finals, touch it up and all. It happened to me all time, not scoring tests but manage to have good marks from my final.  Alhamdulillah

And now, when exams were a disaster like you having fever, can't focus, not concentrating ( I was having fever for several days) YOU KNOW THAT ACTUALLY CARRY MARKS ARE pretty IMPORTANT.
DON'T HESITATE TO GET GOOD MARKS IN TEST LATER. U can't even to rely on your ability to score finals. #it'stheteststhatmatter #pleasescorethetest #you'renotgonnascorefinal #lowcarrymarks

jya. Seeing Haneda in 3 days time. InsyaAllah.

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