11 July 2013

salam ramadhan

Salam alayk.

Salam ramadhan u gais.
Maaf zahir batin..
And may your this year ramadhan brings lots of happiness, qabarah, blessful from Allah and love between an-nas.

I found a song which I categorised as a good one. Found in facebook account of Hlovate, le febret writer.
I might be not as good as you all. Not the pious one nor the most polite one, but I still trying.
Ayah always said, "Ni kasar2 macam ni, sape nak masuk minang"
I is sad. Hahaha

Enjoy this pieces by Raihan feat Ana Muslim. The song by Ghazali i guessed.

Who is A Ghazali??
He might be a songwriter. Is him?
I did google. What i found is ahmad ghazali, son of ahmad dhani. :|

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