17 February 2012

kusut ~~~ hahaha..tipu jek

aku tergerak hati nak message kakak yg study kat puncak alam ni..
dia amek fisioterapi..
kenapa??? apa kaitan ek?
sebenarnya, instead of medcine..i have been thinking of physioteraphy !
 i had mentioned it in my previous entry...just an entry befer this..

my journey will take the loooooongggg way...not until i have become whoever..
then, i still wondering..
to imagine..to dream..
am i suit to one.???

some said, most patients cannot differentiate a doctor with a physioteraphist..
hahahaha... this is due to they have to put on their white coat..whenever to treat patients..
that is COOL though.. ^^

and i ... always rely on Allah..
give me guidance..
to take the true path..
i do not even know what will happan next..

and i do believe that everything happen fer some reasons.
typing off ~ may be bless

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