18 November 2011

muet. ohhh..

and tomorrow will be my MUET test fer writing , reading and listening

do pray my good band ha.

at least im prepared fer something already.

thanks to those who helped a lot.

insyaAllah , i'll be in bright side.

to simply be good in english ,

introduce my inspiring icon.

so what if i have his pic?
hahaha. the speak of the devil ,

i taken this through realplayer.
i snapped and this picture is originally mine.
but don't worry , i won't keep it fer long.

as i said bfer. my test.
on saturday , whereas in school holiday.
and im very very very excited (how excited i am)
i'll enroll my uni.
for month i stay alone in the house
waiting fr my mom while cooking some dishes.
have interesting stories to be shared with my housemates..
and im sure they do miss me (fb status told so)

anwar hadi and friends
i only snapped 3 pics.
no more.
im not obsessed
just wanna share what i like
normal admirer
for inspiration
for my -person i look up for *his way of talking and entertaining*
his creativity. and i hope his dos can encourage me --->to be shyless in front of audience.

something like that.
coz tomorrow will be my MUET test.
i posted such related thingy
till meet again.

*insan biasa hanya insan yang sangat biasa mencari inspirasi*

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