15 November 2011

impatient and passion

next week , i'm going to enroll in UNI. haha.. maybe fer some, 'ala..uitm je kot'
but fer me. i really appreciate my -what do i have.
i deserve the place. fer better i need to struggle harder.
having more and more stay ups at night.
no sleepy eyes in the class.
get my body fresh no sleep longer.
i had that before.
slept very very well.. slept when they doing lectures... daydreamt of whatnot.

and i regret of them. doing things that i supposed not to. *sigh*
and finally , i need a breath aid. help me through this freaking little tasks

that's why i put that kinda title. impatient and passion.
the term 'passion' reminds me to someone not-so-close to me.
do i need to disclose his name.
ngaa..i already told u that it is a guy , huh??

the person inspired me in this arena.
taught me on what i need to dos and donts
he's cool , powerful and skillful debater .
haha..i praised?
really , he's good indeed.
his points are strong and the way he talks is just an awesome scene to watch !!

and im very passionate to have my new sem.
but i admit that something i saw on fb tear up my skin (not heart)
he (not the person i mentioned before)...
is taken.
is somebdy else's
is having a relationship.
is letting me to give up.

 having a relationship is not my prime goal.
inspite , im very helpless on that
but , not to have an intention on having this
sometimes make me feel and think of  *andartu*
i dont want to end up like that
 but i still the real me.
desperating is nothing
so, i don't desperate

so , i just leave it to Him.
the only insan biasa is whispering

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