01 December 2011

i can't watch tv.

have u watched this?
i've watched few episodes bfer i went enrolling my uni.
i guessed it was just 2 episodes of'em.
yeahhh.. when i got chances to have a quite long holidays ,
there's sometimes that i eagerly wanna get back my busy hours.
i love doing works. *no doubt*
though i categorised myself as one lazy but busy lady

she's cute , isn't she?
but why she lose to fasha sandha?
i don't like her (that fasha la)
fer me , they're just the same , sexy beauty.
but then i prefer this nora danish.

i can't comment more on this kinda drama .
as i am not watching it.
but i watched this --->
i mentioned it on my previous post.
my chef.
the hero was not so handsome *i prefer it to be good looking*
the lady is just cute.
her ways she brought herself. (one tough lady)
hehehe.. i don't really remember the names.

want i can say is..
i like the love comedy story *well , i like korean dramas.

ok. enough.. insan biasa was tired of typing..

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