20 June 2017

DVM UPM graduate

Allah, Allah, Allah

Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal.

Salam alayk semua!
Today was a memorable one, as it was the day of result announcement for my Comprehensive Examination !
Ya Allah, I couldn't ask for more, I did it! Yes, biiznillah, I did it. I completed my degree journey successfully. Well, not saying it was the flying colour result, but I pass !

For medical students, passing exams were heaven. Right?
Not excluding us, veterinary students!

Today, 19/6/2017 marked another beautiful day for me. I am officially Dr Safwah Nabihah. Alolo comey.

My prayers go to my friends and I, for us to wisely use our knowledge for ummah and being the little caliph for ourselves dunya and akhirah. May the force and faith always being with us, performing to the optimum level to support the industry, and always have the strength to do good and fight for the truth, working in integrity and love our patients and teach the public to love the babies as much as you love them.

To my friends, congratulations!

I know, people out there, especially, the working adults will say "It's a lot more to be explore after this..." Yes, I agree.
I am going to few interviews, pray for me!!

I cannot list down my hurdles I went through these five years, but what I can say is, as long as there is always will, there is a way for success. InsyaAllah.
To the new intakes, welcome to our world, our sanctuary. It is full with love and happiness, chill and challenges, adventures and in the same time, full of surprise!

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