01 October 2016

A Final Year Student

Being in medical field is tough. And only those who gone through it will feel it.
I admit, Malaysia is few steps behind when compared to the world in veterinary medicine, hence, we were treated as not so important. BUT I KNOW WE ARE THAT IMPORTANT (and those who directly working with the otais of #VetMed know it)

It was so long since my last blogpost. Starting my final year with AVVC (Australian Accreditation thingy) was so tiring.

Now I am working out with few things :
1. My Clinical Conference presentation for both small animal and large animal- Diabetes Mellitus concurrent with cystitis in a Cat
2. My Final Year Project (impatiently telling you guys) - It will be Seroprevalence of Newcastle Disease Virus in Psittacine bird.
3. Struggling with rotation

4. Scheduling my timetable so I can attend your wedding. (Tell me earlier if you got one) TT


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Maman Reen said...

Good luck dear.. It's important as a vet!