03 July 2016

When Things Didn't Go As What You Expected.

My mom is a book-type person. She wants everything handy. If you guys think that we don't need to buy newspaper in these days, my mom won't think that. She wants the newspaper, easier to be read. So, in case for kuih raya, she believes books. She'll follow the recipes from book. 

But for me, I  believe in internet. It's not that I don't trust book, but do you think we can do quick search on books like how we did trough internet? No Control 'F'? 

Because of this, scene like yesterday happened :(

I wanted to make Biskut Milo. So I search on Biskut Milo on internet, last time we used recipe from book but I was wayyy too lazy to get the book, I said to my mom "Boleh guna resepi internet"
But it never tak jadik with internet recipes as I mostly using shared recipes blogs before for my baking. I never know that using this unknown source recipes will be this bad.....

I was confident that the biscuits turn out good as the smell was promising. Haha. 
After baking the first batch biscuit......I nearly gave up. It was so so so 'baling dinding tak pecah' or 'baling anjing boleh mati'. 

I iz sad. 

I keep baking. But I lowered down the temperature. 

It has good taste, I swear. The presentation was also nice. I rarely made things so nice and sell-like cookies. My cake is very home-made looking, but this cookies are pretty. 

So, once again. Don't judge a cookies by its look, smell. Have a bite first

I am still sad :(

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Nurul Aini said...

dont judge a cookies by its look! probably the taste! ;)