21 July 2016

Be Universal and International

I have this one bad habit. Whenever I am surfing internet through laptop I tend to lengthen the period. I was actually searching for Japanese Cotton Cheesecake recipe. Yes. Later I'll share it with u guys out there.

Now I scrolling my pictures sigh. Dah la baju tak sidai lagi deknon.

But I found my face is kinda changing according to whom I take the pictures with. Before my IVSA Thailand event ended around last year, we had this selfie session. Everyone will take selfie with everyone. It's like that how it goes.

I am wong jowo + malay by blood

but !

Be a Thai girl

sbab mata tu lain kit 

Korea look! Lol Lol

An Indonesian one 

Malaysian chinese muahahaha but i got the eyelid, we both got no eyebrow (less)

A Korean skin complexion. Thanks lighting..

Thai guy

And I force this 2 Taiwanese to have big eyes. Look like a malay a bit 

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Maman Reen said...

Berbeza-beza reaksi muka kekwa :p