27 February 2016

Mini reunion

I am very eager when planning a reunion. The feeling of impatience to meet your old friendzyy.

Cincaa ! Tak tipu.

I'll make myself presentable as I need them to think that I am really always as presentable as that, everytime, everyday. But sometimes, the timing isn't correct.

My tudung is senget.
I had dark complexion.
Got sunburn.
Pimples overgrown.
Got slightly fatter than I should be.
My outfit is just not suitable.

And I am misbehave. Maybe sebab overexicted. I tend to act weird. WHY AM I NOT SO DANTY ishh...

So during my 7th semester practical, I had few reunion sessions with some awesomesiess. Tapi, of course, I was feeling nervous. I thought on how much expectation we put onto each other. I expect them to be like this this that., and they also might thinking the same. To avoid awkwardness.

But for me okay la. Sessions turned out to be so so so cool.

Okay so now, who's in?

To have a catch up session with me. Ehehehe. I gonna blog u up guys, c'mon.

These are my dormmates. From left, Ain, me, Hana and Lin 
Ain and Lin are my juniors. Meet up pun accidentally. I supposed to follow Hana sampai Muar, then my dad will pick me up. Tetiba ada Ain (she lives in Batu Pahat also), I asked her if she can send me home...hehe. And I was with her, siap hantar Lin ke Ledang lagi. Stayed few minutes in her house, solat makan sikit.

Seriously, my friends had given me warm welcome. So whenever my friends want to come to my house, I shall give'em warm welcome too. *feeling loved*

Kak Radh's reception. 

Kak Radh is my super senior. She is now sooo sooo thin. *cries blood* Dahlah dia memang kecik, now she is thinner she is super kecik. *envy* hehehe
I met Kak Mass, now she's pregnant with 5 months baby. We gonna be aunties.... again...

and this one is my Asasi classmate 
We are having practicals at the same place. Ah, he is so into cycling. Sampai training ngek ngek ni pun he's wearing that outfit. pfftthh.


Okay, till then xoxo

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