11 December 2015

There's this one family

I stayed with a babysitter few years back.  While my brother and me were child. 

We called them maknak and ayah zizan.

More than 4 parents sent their kids here at that moment

Speaking as good one,  always remember nice things others did to us,  we still keep in touch with them.

They are small humble family,  and I can say they are practically rich. We have an eldest brother called abang payad.  Their only son. We definitely feel like a whole big huge family here. Even abang payad bathed us. Lol lol.
See how small we were at that time. 

Who remind me of abang payad bathed us, i shall put some chillies in their mouth pffthh

Now he married to a woman. I met her once. Or twice. Very nice lady.  And they already had 2 children! 👦👧
Times fly so fast

The best thing is,  if anywho of us get married, the family will be invited. If there is hari raya, they will be visited.  If we do an open house,  we will always not to forget about them.  Really.

They raised us as a family,  tought us like we were  sent to a kindergarten.  Cleaned us,  fed us. Brought to fancy dinner and occasions of their family side.

If I could list out everything,  I won't do anything else today.  It's a lot.  Damn lot. I swear

May Allah s.w.t grand the family barakah mawaddah warahmah.  Here and hereafter. 

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