19 December 2015

Passion and desire

I was once in a debate arena.  To say i like it so much, maybe it's not the correct phrase.
But i do love to get involved in everything. 

I love to see people seeing me.


That's the biggest reason. To get myself branding.

But seems like I stopped anything like that now,  and switch to lighter things like Theatre and arts. And people think i am an art people.

For me.  It's more than to self branding. Swear.  I wanna be somebody different. 

Not that i love it so much. 

Seeing my high school juniors now,  my school debate team,  I am so proud

How can they make it in the arena. How they persist themselves there.  How they love it. 

It makes me wanting to debate again.

It is passion and desire. To have the skills,  practice damn lots. I miss to be on the chair. As a debater. Thanks seniors.  They tought me a lot.  Till cikgu said it out loud to me.

And seems like the passion is passing by,  say hi to me.

But i think it's quite too late to start all over again. I am now 4th year.

Let's see how it goes

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