27 December 2015

Everybody's improving

I went for IVSA japan conference in early february. And that time was winter.

Now winter is coming.

And i am thinking of going there.... Again. Seriously.
Not because of I am into J Pop.

But it is because of the culture, places, people and mostly, the surrounding. It is a very welcoming place and nice locals are willing to help even they cant understand english well.

And today, one of my friend from Japan Miki Hirai, is celebrating her birthday.

Happy birthday miki!

I knew her months back, she didnt really good in english. But she tried sooo sooo hard that my heart felt so bless. She helped us until nothing less i have to worry about being a foreigner. The rest is history of course. Hehehe.

I wished her birthday via facebook. And notice now her english is quite good.

People's improving.

To be better.

To become wiser.

And i am glad she said this (tell me when you coming Japan)

I will

I will.

One day.

And i'll tell you once i plan to do so. InsyaAllah. One day.

Are you following me? Mestilah. I nak g dgn u tau. Hihihihi

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