04 December 2015

Catch Neuter Release UPM


We have gone through all sweaty moments and tomorrow is the day.
We caught stray cats and will have them neutered.

What is the purpose?

One cat can produce 3 plus minus kittens so let say it is a stray one, with approximately 3 to 4 parity in a year. How many kittens would they produced? 
So neutering can help to reduce the stray population and with that we can decrease the number of abuse cases .
We know that many cases reported since then  .

Introducing Mojo Jojo a male feline domestic short hair  cat.

Tomorrow he is going to be castrated by Coco. And I will be the anaesthetist InsyaAllah

Pray for speedy recovery for him. And may success be upon us.

Let's put issues aside.
Cats escaping is normal, they are strays though.

Mojo Jojo. See ya

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