24 November 2015

Sometimes the roommate is too sweet

I had a random post telling i got mad at my roomate just because she did send me a message to ask me to stop using keypad sounds that sounds annoyed to her. 


Well. When you are tolerant to others well hmm yeah.  They will do good to you as return. 

Well.  I kan baik. Hahaha

Hari ni.  I tido. Coz me too tired all day long with classes and test. Where I tak study lagi pasal surgery that gonna happen in few hours phheeww. I tidur with a book actually i said to her. Nak.  Nak baca sambil baring which what was i did is baring dan tidur tak baca pun. 

I woke up at 1 am seeing my baju from katil transferred to atas meja.  Dia kata takut safwa tertendang.  Asalll. Teruk angat ke ittew tido. Huhu. But she also left a surgery book on my table.

Literally asking me to study hehehe.

Ok now. 
Really one day I should have a photo session with her bukan selalu ada ups and downs dalam hidup.  Haha. 

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