24 October 2015

R.I.P Saloma

We've been taking care of Saloma since 22 nd September and beforewards. Hmm. When coming, she was just okay. With few wounds on the limbs might be due to struggling while transferring from Ladang TPU to here. And was diagnosed to have a muscle injury which the causing was still unknown.

She was supposed to have a laparotomy with us on 22. Which was not done as she wasn't able to stand. Since then we treated her. Feed her. Clean the bedding. Until she was very very very unable to stand. We are not forcing then since the first few weeks of forcing looked very suffering for her.

Antibiotic was stopped.

Feeding continued. But no PKC, it was unbearable, she became thinner day to day. But PKC with no movement and besides a muscle waste for her, can make her bloat.

And on Friday she was gone. PTS.

RIP Saloma. We've done the best. You have been strong as you can be. Thanks for teaching us a lesson in life.

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