23 October 2015


Hi Roses !

Just a random sadness night after got a personal message from a new roomate saying she got annoyed with my notification sound and my clicking sound when typing whereas i likkkeee it sooo much (the sound, sounds so funny to me), door slamming eh i slammed not so loud ha !

She was just cut off my mood to study !
I am so frustrated. For u being so childish..

Or am I being childish? Yes?
am so missing u guys, palamians. TT 

Okay, now check my setting and change everything according to her preference.


Khai♥Rin : anies said...

P/s hadiah da hntr ya

K E K W A bongsu said...

Anis. Kita dah dapat. Thanks ye cantik loh. Dah pakai pun. Takyah iron berguna sangat