17 March 2014

march babies, happy birthday.

So these 2 days were  happy days !! yeay.
I had my 21st birthday in a budak2 way, salut muka pakai cream kek until you smell like telur of the cream and being poured with tepung all over the body...
They woke me up tetiba tanpa sedar dah kena sapu cream..dan yang paling ironi ialah harini. I was invited ecewah invited gitu nak buat prankkat shaza dan rasa yesss. Dapat prank Shaza with tepung heh heh. dah rasa hebat sangat baling tepung tu kat dia. And suddenly the second tepung tu yang kita fikir akan baling kat shaza jugak depa pakat duk baling kat kita. Terkejut okay. So it was a prank for me too. Rasa macam oh tere gila depa sampai aku tak dapat hidu plan dorang... haha.
And the food tonight are the besttt... sumpah kalau ada abang kita recommend korang kat dia. :)

So great to have good companies, friends when you are away from the understanding parents. Rasa blessed. Rasa ada isi.

Thanks to all and wishes and presents some more. I also panggil a surprise as present tahu? haha.
I love y'all to the moon and back.May Allah bless us barakah warahmah.

THANKS. can't say more. Speechless safwah is here.


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