14 March 2014


A satisfaction when you finish presenting in front of your friends, is that.... they said they enjoy it so much. Had fun listening to us. Though we sound so bad in front.
That doesn't matter.
We presented on cranial nerves- vagus nerve- superior ganglion. How it works, the damages and treatment.

It will sound so boring. But Alhamdulillah. We made it so cool and relax. And at least, they awake during u presenting. It is so bad to see people sleep and yawn when you talking. Thus, I try everyday to not to sleep during lecturers do the talking. It is rude btw.

And lastly, Coco came approach give me warm hug as token, she said we did good job. She's really sweet.

p/s: you know what make me so frustrated now? When I know people leaving without let me knowing or even tell me. Hey, we might not have good conversation lately. But have a courtesy please.
And why I'm so often updating blog. because ahkqjkjqh follow me on twitter. Imej perlu jaga meh. HAha

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