15 July 2013

Di mana Kolej 17 UPM #2

This gonna be the next series of .

What I really proud of K17 is the newest well equipped building. We stay in harmony. Mix. Here, I get mix friends. Chinese,Indians, more. In UiTM, they are mostly malays with some bumiputeras.
We stay in harmony.
Other than in academics, I love my coursemates, my collegemates.
They are too hardworking, that lazy people like me will envy. How to be like'em.?? I know I'm lazy....... TT

Their kindness and their way in treating you is okay. Okay for me. Yeah.. racism is everywhere, we can't deny. We're being racist somehow to someone..

But what I like best is...
You know Hlovate???

Yup....the writer. You know how she write??
What she writes??
How she touches hearts through her writing??

The point is, WHAT SHE WRITES?
She writes good quotes.... good ideas and motivate people.
And she writes beautifully about Islam..way of life, shahadah....and things in between
I mark her name in facebook.

One day, my Chinese friend, ask me ...

C : u like hlovate?
M : yup. how u know?
C : FB. i like her too. read Anthem?
M : not yet.
C : i bought. need time to read...

*not totally like that, but that is the conversation mean la*

what is Anthem all about... I think..it contains lots of lessons. It means Shahadah,kan..the anthem..wherever u are...
She reads anthem...might not be because of the shahadah, but at least she knows it... She's good.can digest it...I wait for the hidayah from Him...
all of it..
UPM.... kolej 17 teach me to respect other religious,other races..where back then, I simply said "cakap macam keling" if people talking like mess. I learnt. Even malays cakap like mess. "cakap macam keling" really irrelevant.

Beautiful.... :')

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