17 May 2013

U-life #2

yeah.it is late.1.21 am. and got 9 am class.
but suddenly remember, my dissecting sets not yet been taken from Byron.... he keeps it for 1 sem after all.haha
and i directly sent him msg thru facebook..claiming for the dissecting sets..i know some people sleep already..and yeah..i planned to wake up early to see whether he replying o not..
but within seconds, he replied.....
he asked, is it?
oo my..i did asked..but only once..so long before.huahua..and after he said it is in his car, i said okay then, takpelah kan..ada tp dia simpan..
and until dr intan gonna use it tomorrow for lab...i just 'ting' it is with that byron...huarghh..so ashamed .

but, maybe bcause he lavishly rich so can subscribe mobile internet..while i can't he still can reply thru his powerful iphone...

and i was like...plis it still exist..or mybe others took it for me, give it tomorrow..
and all of it..
procrastination kills.
i afraid it is already gone :'(

and i will attend anak angkat program in banting...told everybody. :)

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