09 January 2013

My potential in law

Hey, gossip lagi..but this one kinda good one la..
I got  friends. Hmm..ekceli I have maaany fwenz. But yeah..u know,not all willing to commit in longlasting relationship. I mean, after school years still regularly keep in touch. Then, tak ramai yang still single..ready to mingle, dan tak pandang dah lone ranger lek me. Hoo. SADIS.

Nahh,sokaay, I don't mind.People change btw. Aku pun. Dan kalau korang perasanlah. Haha. Aku tak kish pada yang dah serba sibuk dgn task sbg students tu. Student kan..Banyak assignment, homework blabla. Tests..test tu bukan tahap macam waktu sekolah..CARRY MARK tu, yang membawa kpd pointer untuk final nanti..

But this one girl, hmm..she's always there giving opinions and points out wise things. Sila adore her coz I really adore her ways in making friend. No wonder peeps love to have talk with this fella. Me too. If and only if I have eldest bro,I would suggest this fella as my nominated potential sis in law. mihmihmih

well hey,
So much I need to say
Been lonely since the day
The day you went away

-thank u and thank Allah fer giving me chances knowing u ,dude !-
lamanya tak gi sekolah,dulu time sekolah tak suka pegi.skang?? 

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