14 November 2012

and again..it about what best being a vet student,hahaha

boring topic is to konon2 tell the people what u are really doing. Yaa... pada aku suatu kebosanan. it is like, hey your life and mine aren't same,kan? So... well...puiihh, well, hidup ku indah penuh warna-warni dalam hati ada taman ....

during Dogathon..enjoyed seeing dogs in variety breeds !
That is one. Yes, we gonna treat dog one day. InsyaAllah.... sbb they too are God's creatures.do have feelings...
All this while, never go near towards dog, that time kemain kau berani buat mereka macam kawan. But they have owners which mean they are good boys and girls..haha.but seriously, they are pretty damn cute gila laaa.

at KL bird park
I got trip to KL bird park. the largest bird park...in the world kot.if I'm not mistaken. -.-

The thing is, being a student who are not really into meds , it is not my truly choice as a vet. i prefered to take maths. My ayah said, u cant go further with that course. did receive offer of mybrainsc to do math. then i chose vets.Without knowing vet is awesome. But, it really de....

my advice to SPM student of 2012 and matrics& foundation students... if u are really interested in this field, do put Veterinary Medecine as choices. worth every tears when u are not choosen to do meds. Not saying i put Meds at first place. 
In fact, no medical course in my choice !!!!

ALL OF IT , VET IS AWESOME.. yes, it is.insyaAllah to do everything as in what the syariat told us to do so.
here, Kl bird park jugak

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