05 September 2013

Maaf zahir batin

So, how's your raya?
Kak Bedah, ko tahu baju aku koyak time hari raya pertama sebab 30 ramadhan tu orang duk ngunjung. hewhew...
Jemah, kuih raya aku habis licin lesap anak2 menakan aku telan.. mihmihmih

My hari raya was delightful. Same as how I went through it years back. Hmmm..
So, today lemme update some occasion happened during Shawal month. And it was....
Open House.
mak called it open clinic coz it was held in clinic. So, it was not an open house. Sorry for not inviting.
It was a small gathering of her patients, school's teachers. Some of my friends.And the makciks pakciks of my parents.
So I spot my neighbour. The one I rarely see though kentut dia pun aku boleh dengar. See, how we live so near..

The event started as early as 11. Damn thats not early !

those makciks are tulang belakang majlis. They stood all the time entertaining guests.

this is Kak Nora who entitled Ketua. She likka boss. do everything smpai basoh peyok pn dia.

peak hours was at lunch.

At the end, I felt so satisfied. Sebab as guests who come to eat. They did ask !!
"Ni kek dokter tempah mana?
Buat ke?
Sape buat?
'beautifully' decorated and baked by cepuahh.. hewwheww

Omagad. U see. Mana tak I believe I can fly kalau macam nih. They said sedappp...mihmihmih

So people. Whoever you are. when u read this statement... statement of me perasan ko buat kek sedap. Don't care.
I am that annoying... hewhewww.
Till then may this eid mubarak bring us thousands ibrah and barakah. :)

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